Welcome to Rainbow Communications

Our goal is to commercialize proprietary fiber optic and electro-optic technologies for use in long-haul and metropolitan optical networks, chemical and biological sensing, and medical diagnosis imaging.

Our Mission

The mission of Rainbow is to increase the speed and expand the bandwidth of optical networks by developing unique fiber optical components, LEDs, VCSEL, AO devices, waveguide lasers and waveguide amplifiers, modules, optical imaging, sensors and sensor systems for commercial and military applications.

Rainbow Communications, Inc.

2362 Qume Dr. #F
San Jose, CA 95131
Tel: 408-577-0109
Fax: 408-577-0104

Feature Product

MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) and
Double-Layer Nozzle Based Portable Fiber–Optic
Connector Cleaner


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